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  • Continuous Extruder of Copper and Aluminum

    It adopted green environmental protection manufacturing technology, the pickling process was cancelled and no pollutants were discharged. The of high precision,a good finish.The mechanical and electrical properties of the products were obviously improved. Unlimited production length and high productivity. High degree of automation of equipment and fewer operators.

  • Malafir three-layer co-extrusion sulfur equipment

    This equipment is the most advanced continuous vulcanization production equipment at home and abroad Which can realize single-layer,double-layer,three-layer co-extrusion for continuous vulcanization production. It equipped with advanced automatic measuring device of  line diameter, automatic control device of steam pressure,warning notice of intelligence, and so on.

  • Continuous Extruder of Lead(Type: Scrw-type YQL-100 /5 )

    It can be used to make the lead sheath of submersible cables,has the characteristics of continuous extrusion, constant temperature, constant pressure and constant speed. It is the most advanced lead extrusion equipment in China at present.

  • Extruder of Plastic(Type:Ф90+45)

    The speed regulation range of the machine is wide, the machine has great adaptability to produce different kinds of plastics, and its operation is convenient. According to different  process, the heating temperature can be ideally selected, and the heated barrel and the machine head can be automatically controlled to ensure the quality of the product is stable.

  • Corrugation Armoring Machine(Type:100)

    The imported armoring machine can realize no damage armor of submersible flat cable and round cable with the characteristics of stepless speed regulation system, electrical control automation, and so on.

  • DC Resistance Bridge(QJ57P)

    The QJ57P DC resistance bridge has five decimal measuring reading plates. The full measurement range is composed of seven point measurement range. The DC median and low value resistors are measured with high precision and divided with seven ranges. Small volume and easy to use.

  • Insulation Resistance Tester(JDC-1)

    The three output voltages into one machine so the measurement range is wide, the output voltage is stable, and the anti-interference is strong. It was manufactured according to GB7676 which accuracy grade is equivalent to the 1.0 level table specified in JB2373-78. The main components are made of imported components.

  • Tester for Power-frequency Voltage-withstand Test

    All-digital calibration of voltage, current, time, status information and prompt information can realize taht one control box can be matched with multiple transformers. Combined with hardware and software anti-interference technology, the performance is stable and anti-interference is strong.

  • Direct-current High Voltage Generator

    Adopting the most advanced technology, process manufacturing, applying the latest PUM intelligent pulse width modulation technology, pulse train logic array modulation, using high-power IGBT devices, using intelligent technology to improve the intelligence rate, the frequency is up to 40KHZ, ensuring higher stability of high-voltage output.,ley the ripple factor is lower.

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