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Brief Introduction of Oil Fieid Cable Company

Wanda oil and cable company is owned by wanda cable co., LTD, is a specialized company for research, development, manufacture and technical service of submersible pump cables,is the largest submersible cable and oil well special cable manufacturing company with leading technology and technology in China.It is national key and major enterprise of wire and cable industry  ,national contract and trustworthy enterprises, AAA super credit enterprise,national key high-tech enterprise and national customer satisfaction enterprise.The main products include six temperature levels( 90℃,120℃,150℃,180℃, 204℃, 232℃),two voltage levels (rated voltage 3KV and 6kV),the conductor specifications from 1#-7# full range of submersible pump round, flat power cable and cable,and all kinds of submersible pump cable(flat and round), submersible pump lead cable
The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 1998,and implemented the integrated certification of three systems including ISO9001, ISO14001and OHSAS18001 in 2003. The production and inspection of the "wanquan" brand of oil filed cables are strictly carried out in accordance with GB16750 and IEEE 1018,IEEE1019,API RP 11S5, API RP 11S6 standard.In the process of practice, a complete set of quality assurance system has been established, and the whole process of production and operation has been controlled, and the product quality has been fully guaranteed.
Driven by the combination of production, learning and research as well as the high-tech industrialization policy of the group company.Oil Filed Cable Company has been increasing research and innovation efforts, and won many honors, just for submersible pump cable won 4 national patents, the submersible pump connecting cable was awarded the First Prize of Technical Innovation in Shandong Province in 1998, "Wanquan" submersible pump cable was rated as the Famous Brand of China International Agricultural Exposition in 1999, "Wanquan" special cable was named "Shandong Famous Brand" by Shandong provincial economic and Trade Commission in 2000,Submersible pump lead cable is awarded Shandong Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in 2001, and as the first drafting unit, participated in the establishment of the national standard of detection cable in 2016.

The company has six international advanced production line of submersible cable armored, five vulcanization lines(150,90,70,65,45),one high temperature fluoroplastic extrusion line,one low temperature(90) production line,one continuous extrusion lead production line. Among them, the advanced cable production equipment are follows:
Double layer co-extrusion continuous vulcanization line(“фф 70 + ф 90 “Double layer co-extrusion continuous vulcanization equipment), is the most advanced continuous vulcanization production line in china, has the function of realize the full resolution, insulation, co-extrusion, a vulcanization forming,equipped with advanced line diameter automatic measuring device, automatic control of steam pressure,touch screen control interface,warning notice of intelligence, and so on to ensure the high quality of extrusion products.
Four sets of steel tape armored production line:The equipment is imported by CEECO and KALMARK of Canada. It has the characteristics of stepless speed regulation system, electrical control automation, and so on. It can realize the no damage armor of submersible flat cable and round cable.  

Continuous extrusion lead production line( YQL-100 /5 screw continuous extrusion machine): It can be used to cover the lead sheath of submersible cables,has the characteristics of continuous extrusion, constant temperature, constant pressure and constant speed. It is the most advanced lead extrusion equipment in China at present.
Our factory has the most powerful cable comprehensive performance laboratory,and more than 40 sets of experimental instruments with perfect cable performance testing function and new product R & D function. In addition to accomplish test of the general insulation, protective cover, electrical properties of the conductor, mechanical properties, weather resistance and other 50 tests, but also undertook the development and research of new cable products to promote the quality of submersible cable steadily.
The company  is mainly engaged in the resarch , development and sales of submersible pump power cable and connection cable.Due to t a variety models complete and strong production capacity, it has become a well-known industry enterprises.After twenty years of development, the production capacity continues to expand, the domestic market share of more than 35%, the products are all over the major fields of daqing, shengli, xinjiang, bohai and zhanjiang, and also exports to more than a dozen countries and regions,such as United States, Canada, Africa, Central Asia, Russia, Syria, Venezuela.
We aim at the satisfaction of users and promise to offer the product with the best price, high quality and good service. We are willing to set up glorious future with you.

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